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NOTICE:  Through an agreement with music publishers, Catholic MIDI from Texas will remain available through Pentacost Sunday.   The site will be CLOSED after Pentacost and NO new MIDI will be produced during this time.  I appreciate all the love an support from all who have visited this site and pray that we meet again in the future.  Thanx and God Bless, Tim

Welcome to Catholic MIDI from Texas!  Don't let the name fool you, "Catholic MIDI from Texas" originates in Texas, but the church is universal.  If you would like to see what I mean, click on the box and see where people come from and how they got here.  Use your browser BACK button to come back.         

    Updated: Sunday, May 12, 2002                            

This site is dedicated to providing quality MIDI music for your enjoyment and for the glorification of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.   

The site two parts - Sunday Music or MIDI Music..


Sunday Music  - These are the MIDI files that I have selected for the coming Sunday.  Yes, I take a DELL INSPIRON 7500 and hook it up to a Casio® CTK-611.  I hook up the keyboard to the church sound system and we have a fully orchestrated Mass.  It's really cool!!!!


MIDI Music - These are the MIDI files that are in my collection as of now.  The majority of the files I have sequenced myself and some were found at other sites on the net that were just too good to pass up.  A new section has been added.  I have recieved sequences from other people and have added a page for their music.  Please check them out and give me your opinions on the sequences as I have not had much time to  check them out.  The ones that you like will be moved to the MIDI page.  Check out OTHERS MIDI.



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Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

Sequenced by:  Tim Drinkard

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